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Custom Outdoor Furniture Cushions, Tablecloths, and Placements

Custom Outdoor Furniture Cushions, Tablecloths, and Placements

Have you dreamed of having all your outdoor furniture cushions and cloth fabrics match for the perfect entertaining space? With custom outdoor furniture cushions, tablecloths, and placemats from Color Wheel, you don’t have to dream any longer.

We have thousands of different fabrics for you to choose from, so you can customize everything from your outdoor cushions to the placemats you set your deck table with.

Choosing custom high-quality fabrics can help you design the ideal entertaining setup for guests and create the visual effect of having everything match. With colors and patterns in sync, your entire outdoor entertaining space will look professionally designed.

Here’s when homeowners benefit most from custom outdoor furniture cushions and fabrics for their ideal entertainment setup.

Thibaut Haven + Haven Textures collection, photos courtesy of Thibaut.

When You Need Outdated Fabrics Replaced

Let’s say you have a patio furniture set you absolutely love, but the fabric on the cushions is faded or torn. Or the cushions themselves have been well-loved and are worn. In such cases, you may not be able to find foam cushions in your choice of color or fabric that fit your exact furniture.

So why not go custom and ensure everything is not only the perfect size but matches the rest of your entertainment setup as well?

Color Wheel allows you to update your furniture fabrics and get custom tablecloths and placemats to match so you have a complete dining setup, perfect for having friends, family, and guests over when the weather is beautiful.

Thibaut Villa + Villa Textures collection, photos courtesy of Thibaut.

When You Have Differently Shaped Furniture

For some people, the perfect patio furniture set isn’t about having all the furniture match. Perhaps you love a set of chairs for the pool area but want a totally different style for the dining table on the deck and a loveseat for the gazebo.

When your furniture doesn’t match, but you want your upholstery to, going custom allows you to do so. This way, your entire outdoor entertaining area will look cohesive but with furniture that makes sense for your unique space.

Thibaut Villa + Villa Textures collection, photos courtesy of Thibaut.

Switch to High-Quality, Weather-Resistant Fabric

Custom furniture cushions allow you to choose a furniture set you love but switch to high-quality, weather-resistant fabric.

Color Wheel offers a variety of colors and patterns so you can create the combination you love best for your particular outdoor space. Higher-quality fabrics allow you to get more seasons out of your cushions and not stress about fading and general wear and tear.

However, although we provide fabrics that are meant to last, Color Wheel always recommends bringing in your furniture cushions, tablecloths, and placemats during inclement weather or when you are not using them, such as during seasons when you will not be outside much. Doing so can protect the fabric and ensure color vibrancy for as long as possible.

Thibaut Haven + Haven Textures collection, photos courtesy of Thibaut.

Don’t Be Limited to Color, Pattern, and Material Choices

At Color Wheel, your outdoor entertainment setup is only limited by your imagination. We offer a wide variety of fabrics in different colors and patterns designed specifically for outdoor use so you can enjoy those gorgeous days without worrying about your furniture or dining set.

Whether you’re thinking of stripes, florals, solid colors, or a combination of styles and patterns, we have what you need. We can provide fabric swatches for you to consider at home or make professional recommendations if you’d like based on your unique space.

Thibaut Haven + Haven Textures collection, photos courtesy of Thibaut.

Start Designing Your Custom Fabrics Today

Contact Color Wheel today to start designing your ideal outdoor space with custom furniture cushions, tablecloths, and placemats that will elevate the look and feel of your home and impress your guests. We can’t wait to see what you create with us!


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