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Sharing Space with MCC

McLean Redesign

MCC Dance Studio at Color WheelIt's the nature of retailers to redesign their stores, to change things up, so merchandise can be showcased. Our most recent redesign, however, has a different purpose altogether.

The McLean Community Center (MCC) is about to undergo change as well. A major renovation begins this spring, leaving many of its activities in need of a temporary home. 
Color Wheel was approached by the MCC to see if we might provide space for some of its classes. As our community has always been so good to us, we want to be a good neighbor in return. For the next eighteen months or so, the Color Wheel Décor showroom will be reabsorbed into the main part of the McLean store so that MCC may lease that space for dance classes. 
We are happy to host our temporary residents and hope to see you at Color Wheel, where we can offer help with your personal renovation needs.