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Before & After: Reupholstery

Repaired and Reupholstered

As shared by a Color Wheel Décor Department customer:

Kimberleigh was the perfect guide in my efforts to have an old chair both repaired and reupholstered. The chair belonged to my Grandmother and I grew up with it in my parent's home. I can remember both Mom and Dad sitting on it in various important events/conversations. When they passed on and we sold their house, I knew I wanted it in my house, but the leg broke during transport.

Chair repaired and reupholstered by Color Wheel in McLean, VA

I visited Color Wheel to find out what my options were, as they had upholstered some throw pillows for me in the past. I met Kimberleigh during my first visit and she was so helpful! She talked me through what I was thinking on color and fabric, volunteered to find someone who could repair the broken leg, and to be the “middle” person with the upholsterer and repairperson.     

Chair repaired and reupholstered by Color Wheel in McLean

Because I was not sure about a specific color — just something to update and modernize, maybe something in a gray — she came to our home to see the chair.  Talking me through the color and fabrics, she must have ordered no fewer than 3-4 dozen samples. She also helped me narrow them down — guiding, but not dictating — to around 6.     

nail head detail on reupholstered chair at Color Wheel in McLeaShe stayed with me even when I got distracted by life and work, and emailed periodically over the course of a few months to let me know that she was available to help whenever I decided I was ready. I was finally ready, and she helped me — mostly by validating — in picking a beautiful gray chevron pattern, finding some small, pewter nail heads, which I wanted on the chair, and arranging for me to meet with the repair person.   

The chair turned out beautifully — both the leg repair, which you can barely see, and the fabric/nail heads. I owe it all to Kimberleigh’s patient guidance and sticking with me!   —Lea B.

Fabric: Kravet