Bring in your framed art and let us give it a facelift or a bold new look.

As the resource for all of your decorating needs, we find framed art to be one of the most frequently overlooked elements when redecorating. Updating framed art is as key an ingredient to your room's appearance as fresh paint, new wallpaper, or a piece of reupholstered furniture.

It's more than aesthetics. Often harmful materials surrounding art can cause permanent damage. If your art was framed more than 20 years ago, chances are that the glass doesn’t reflect the ultra violet rays that cause fading. The surrounding paper may contain acid, which migrates onto the art and causes it to discolor and deteriorate. We reframe using museum quality conservation standards, protecting your art for many generations to come.

Framing Before and After

What's Old is New Againframinganchor 

This valuable paper etching came to us in serious condition. The mats and backing contained acidic properties. Constant harm was caused to the art, burning the paper as the acids released and created dark areas on the perimeter of the art. 

The first step in protecting the etching was to have our restorer deacidify the art.

Once restored, it was reframed using the highest quality archival products, including Tru Vue Museum Glass which blocks 99% of harmful indoor and outdoor UV light rays to prevent deterioration.  


The completed job not only protects but compliments the art. We retained the original black and white theme with the matting, adorning it with an ornate silver frame as a finishing touch. 

Our award-winning professional designers and artisans are here to turn your "before" into a fabulous "after."